Sky Hawk Technology is the authorized distributor of fast rising technology video software brands like i2V Intelligent Integrated Video. We become the leading distributor for i2V software products for security solutions in GCC countries.

I2VSYS Software Packages:

i2V Basic Lite

This is most basic software package, used in small premises, small retailer shop, small office, a bungalow or any such places where less than 16 cameras being used.

i2V Professional

This is the flagship product package of our company used in most of the premises like a building, a company, government projects etc. This product is a package of lots of features for example: video analytics, mobile surveillance, audio recording etc.

i2V Enterprise

This software package is versatile among is used in large projects where number of cameras are more or a Central management system where cameras or devices are situated at multiple premises over the globe. It possess third party integration as well as Command and Control Center features