When connecting remote IoT/M2M devices to your datacenter or cloud, IpTL’s FastLane VPN Gateways gives you the most cost-effective and absolutely reliable way to securely network all your sites over the Internet.

IpTL’s patented technologies provide you a combination of scalability, reliability, and security enabled by ease-of-use and remote automatic management is unmatched by any of the big-box competitors, carriers or other available market technologies.

Simply, IpTL enables your Sensors, VoIP, IP Cameras, Access Control, & Machine Access, and your entire LAN to work seamlessly, transparently, and securely over any Internet connection – including Dynamic IP & Private IP links.

IoT Connectivity, Security, & Trunking

Connect, Secure, & Backhaul your Sensors, RTU’s, PLC/SCADA, & SmartMeters

IP Cameras, Access Control, Readers, & PLCs

Connect, Secure, & Stream your remote IP Cameras & Access Control Terminals & Controllers

Reliable Internet Failover for any WAN Link

Our SD-Failover and protect your connectivity end-to-end automatically

Unblocked, Reliable, & Secure Dynamic-IP VPN

Reliable Secure VPN appliances for all users, applications, & devices

Ethernet Extenders & VPN Bridging

Extend your LAN remotely and support any application or device securely

Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Access Networking

Device-to-Cloud secure connectivity – virtual appliances for VMware, AWS, Azure, Hyper-V

Our Appliances Connect You over Any Internet – Including Dynamic IP

Our appliances connect your networks together without the troubles and blocks of traditional IPsec VPNs.  IPsec from ANY vendor is a bad choice.  It doesn’t work with NAT routers, Dynamic IP, is difficult to configure, steals bandwidth, causes hang-ups, and is down right unreliable.  IPsec is also extremely easy to filter and block and is a Layer-3 protocol only.   What a mess.

Only IpTL can connect your remote network devices together over any Internet link without the troubles and blocks like IPsec.

  • IpTL can port-hop and run bonded tunnels automatically
  • Gives you a true security end-to-end with dynamic keying, AES256/X.509 out of the box
  • Obfuscates the VPN and removes the finger print of the tunnels and packet shaping to hide Voip/Video UC

Semi-Ruggedized Cellular Internet Failover, LTE Remote Access, VPN Routing, & Wi-Fi

IpTL FastLane™ appliances are designed for always-up reliable secure access connectivity.  Great for IoT/M2M, Automatic WAN Cellular Internet Failover, Out-of-Band Management, & remote branch applications.  We tightly integrate a cellular LTE broadband Internet modem, a full-featured access VPN router, & our patent-pending SystemMontior™ fastest WAN Cellular Internet Failover & Restore switching features.

The 7151 includes all the expected networking features.  We ensure your project success by including dynamic circuit protection, routing/forwarding, VLANs, and stateful inspection firewall.  In addition to the LTE modem, the 7151 provides wireless 802.11 b/g/n AP & Client as well as Ethernet interfaces for reliable always-on secure access to all your network resources.