VALVUR has delivered tailor-made security solutions to satisfied customers over Europe , Middle East and North Africa countries. Our company has developed a unique flexible approach addressing the complex multi-layered security market. This approach enables VALVUR to support the full spectrum of the security supply chain, from products through tailored solutions and up to full turnkey projects.


Valvur takes challenges to the utmost limits, we take pride in providing solutions with open innovations to address the needs of product compatibility and connectivity to its fullest. By bridging together, performance and efficiency we offer product range that supports many aspect of security solutions from simpler to complexity of solutions, from cost-efficient to sustainable high-end product portfolio.

With our directions and different disciplines, Valvur hired teams of experts and engineers who strive to make a difference in their respected fields, leading the organization to push the boundaries of productivity, quality and creativity.

We set standards and values that our employees will aspire to fulfill our vision and focus on our mission.

By believing that technology never stop, Valvur stands firm to continually improve, innovate, modify and never ends to always step up in achieving the leadership in security and security surveillance technology.

We strive to be the best and excel in all aspect of our product portfolio. With the infinitives of technology, Valvur never ends the drive for research and development for the continual emergent of new ideas, to complement the innovative solutions of the current trends in the world of security surveillance.